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Consistently Positive Feedback

Suicide Prevention for Leaders (and Champions)

  • (The workshop was) “interactive, (and it) felt like a safe space to discuss this complex topic”.
  • (There were) “Lots of examples, and good supporting documentation. … (There were) good interaction, practical guides, tools and support and knowledgeable presenter

Legal and Ethical Aspects to Suicide Risk Assessment workshop

  • “All health practitioners should complete this. (It is) core training!” (Psychologist/Field Educator)
  • (It was) “A difficult topic that was made engaging – very impressive and I will be highly recommending (the workshop)” (Psychologist)

Suicide Risk and Substance Use workshop

  • “It was very comprehensive and met above my expectations” and the same participant nominated the “case studies – sharing real stories” as a key strength of the training. (Psychologist)
  • “Surpassed expectations – great reference materials and case materials” (Counsellor in Tertiary Education

Foundations to Suicide Risk Assessment

  • “The opportunity to ask questions throughout, presentation with clarity, certain information and getting practical and easy to understand answers” (Psychologist)
  • “Documentation for people at risk. Strategies to uncover or identify risk and interventions” (Psychologist)
  • “The whole presentation and topic” (Social Worker).

Aged and Residential Care – Identification and Response to Suicidality

  • “(The) training session was outstanding – very useful information and easy to follow. Very interactive session, enabling discussion and insight into (critical incidents)”
  • “I have really had my eyes opened today. It was great and will help me to cope with residents having hard times”
  • “Everything was valuable. This is the best training I’ve had in 16 years”

Women and Suicide Workshop

  • (The) “Focus on transitions and shifts in suicidality was very helpful and highlighted the importance of ongoing follow up/assessment throughout treatment. I found the small group work encouraged participation” (Psychologist)
  • “Current research findings” (Psychologist)
  • “The gender differences (leading to) the need for a comprehensive assessment” (School Psychologist)


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