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If you are feeling suicidal or looking for guidance to help someone else, please call the

Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 65 94 67 or visit the Lifeline website.

SRAA are not a crisis or clinical treatment service. We assist professionals, organisations and practitioners, working to prevent suicide and self injurious behaviour in their clients, community and workforce.  Workplace Technical & Strategic Program SRAA have a wealth of experience in delivering mental health service in the workplace. Critically, we have a Technical and Strategic Suicide Prevention for the Workplace package that has been a game changer for many clients.
Supervision & Consultation Services We also deliver a suite of other supervision and consultation services that  support you and your workplace in your professional role. Some will support, equip and empower you in duty of care and due diligence actions. Others will prove a helpful resource when you are seeking to build and consolidate your skills
Workshops & Training Our training courses equip you to operate effectively with a variety of clients and within a broad range of workplace contexts.  Training is delivered nationally, in person, mixed mode and online. We can provide short webinar sessions through to two days of intensive and immersive skills based learning you can apply.  Register Now!
Aged & Residential Care Programs  Similarly, our Suicide Prevention in Aged and Residential Care Settings technical package recognises variations in residents capabilities as well as the diverse needs and capacities of the workforce. Training may be what you’re after, but what if you’ve delivered training and the results aren’t being felt? We can offer solutions to support identifying the gaps or barriers to addressing the needs you have already identified.
Occupational Rehabilitation With a wealth of experience in workplace interventions, SRAA are also leaders in understanding and engaging with stakeholders supporting recovery at work, namely Occupational Rehabilitation Providers. It should be noted that Carmen is an active member of the Australian New Zealand Society of Occupational Medicine, understanding workplace injury, functional capacity and potential risk factors for suicide.
Assessment and Investigations Psychological Assessment and investigations completed by SRAA may be for a range of reasons, from psychological injury, an independent psychological assessment or pre-sentencing report, you know we deliver robust and evidence based reports. We are exceptional in our conclusions and recommendations in cases of suicidality, identifying evidence based interventions and strategies to support collaborative care and recovery, where possible.
Experts and Professional Speakers Finally, SRAA are experts. With the wealth of knowledge across complex and diverse settings, we have the ability to interpret and evaluate the evidence for your matter. We love to network and speak about topics relevant to you

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