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Publications for Practitioners

The below publications have been sourced to support practitioners in a range of contexts and under a range of conditions. While SRAA identify them as being valuable resources, each individual practitioner or service must make their own evaluation as to the utility of the resource for their needs.

Some resources are consciously excluded from this list due to ethical concerns held with respect to the nature of their grossly inappropriate communications or depictions of suicide and suicide loss. While authors may have good intentions, naivety and ignorance should not be perpetuated through inappropriate publications, communications, pictures or the circulation of material that is contrary to established protocols. SRAA take a stand in this regard. Further, some resources have been excluded due to the stratification of client suicide risk based on risk factors for suicide in the absence of any strategies for support. These resources are not in line with evidence and best practice standards and are therefore not recommended herein.

We also encourage you to consider your well being and self-care before reading material that may be distressing and confronting. What can be helpful is to identify the goal or purpose of your readings, to remain focused on what we can learn rather than what has been lost. It is also sometimes useful to set a time limit for reading difficult material to ensure you have breaks and time reconnecting with people you care about, or things that bring you joy. We hope this compilation is useful. Of course, undertaking training with SRAA or further studies is also an excellent interactive strategy to explore some of these topics.

Open access webinars (specifically involving SRAA)


Publications General Suicide Prevention

Children & Adolescents


Lived Experience

Government Strategies and Action Plans

Psychological Health and Safety in the Workforce

Bullying in the workplace – it is a WHS issue



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