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Suicide Risk Identification & Response

Suicide Risk Identification & Response

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A 4 hour online course for community members

Confidently identify suicide warning signs and link a person with help



Course Information

Is this workshop for you?
This workshop is for people wishing to better understand how to identify, respond to and support someone experiencing emotional crisis, including suicidality. Whether you are in an administration role at a doctors surgery, you are an allied health practitioner or perhaps a member of the community. There are some essential components of any training when we look to offer support and prevent suicide. Those components include identifying helpful and unhelpful attitudes and beliefs, exploring preparedness and capability to respond, in addition to identifying appropriate options and resources. This course covers them all using a step by step approach, that draws from the latest evidence and practice!
In this training, you will 
  • Examine the barriers that stop someone from enquiring about suicide - even when they thought nothing would stop them...
  • Learn how to identify warning signs for suicide, including for those people not demonstrating mental health symptoms
  • Identify key components to an effective and compassionate 'check-in'
  • Identify and practice skills to undertake a suicide risk screen
  • Observe a video demonstration, where a Safety Plan is implemented
  • Identify essential aspects of a Safety Plan, including the potent 'must-have' inclusions that support a person thinking about suicide
  • Outline other critical factors necessary to ensuring the safety of someone after they have been referred for support.

Online and On-demand

This course is offered on-demand, so you can complete the 4 modules at your own pace, with activities to complete in your own time, to consolidate your learning.
Once finalised, you will be issued with a certificate of completion.

Time investment

Each module is broken down into smaller video units, averaging between 15 minutes to 30 minutes in duration. The total course is anticipated to take 4 hours, which includes lecture time and activities.
Training Materials
Suicide Risk Screening Tool developed by SRAA
Options for Suicide Safety Plans (including Apps and paper-based options)
Optional support
If you would like to practice a check-in, let us know and we can coordinate a group or individual supervision session, at an additional cost. This training can also be delivered face to face if preferred (under Covid-19 Safe conditions)

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