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Suicide Prevention for Leaders

Suicide Prevention for Leaders

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Course Information

Is this Workshop for You?

Supporting your team in the area of suicide prevention is essential in any workplace, but often experienced as stressful and "left to the experts". We know that evidence tells us that designing approaches that are relevant to your workforce are critical and even more so, when the workplace demands are significant. Regardless of your context, your role as leader is vital. This training is designed to support you understand a leaders role in workplace suicide prevention and is a pillar to the Technical and Strategic Approach to Workplace Suicide Prevention.

Although you may be tempted to run off the shelf training packages on suicide prevention or mental health, we know that we are market leaders in this space, earning a Net Promotor Score of 4.6 out of 5 for training delivered across a major multinational organisation. Request a copy of our latest evaluation report (2019) that demonstrates our ongoing commitment to quality improvement in our corporate training and specifically, the incredible outcomes our participants achieve.

We also set ourselves aside from the common programs, not only through our strategic approach but the integration of Work Health and Safety, recovery at and return to work provisions, in addition to the Fair Work Aust. guidelines.

The Suicide Prevention for Leaders program provides you with workbooks, templates and guidance material so you can take action. Our vision is for you to immediately impart you knowledge into the workplace - not wait for an event to happen before your skills and capabilities shine.

This workshop equips you with information to understand, recognise and respond to evolving and immediate situations, with evidence based interventions and resources. Our strategies are cutting edge and reflect the constantly evolving evidence in suicide prevention.

When you engage in this training, we offer you the optional support of one-on-one coaching, following your progress in implementing suicide prevention strategies over the next 12-months, with additional options of co-designing systems and processes that work (policies and procedures) supporting employee engagement and consolidating skills over time.

Training Materials – All included
Variations and Extra Resources – Co-designed and tailored options available to complement existing policy or the re-development of policy

Follow-up or stand-alone consultation services are available. Complement your training with a professional review of your systems, procedures and environment.

Content Inclusions

Online training - where you access modules, recordings and demonstrations on demand.

Over 8 core modules, we examine:
> Understanding suicide in a workplace context
> The role of workplace culture and individual attitudes
> Workplace policy, procedures, and your Duty of Care across legislative frameworks (including the Anti-discrimination Act and reflections on Industrial Manslaughter)
> How to undertake a 'check in' and truly connect with the needs of a person experiencing crisis
> How to undertake a Suicide Safety Plans and referral
> Planning for your suicidal employee's recovery at/return to work, including considerations on suitable duties, flexible work and psychological health and safety

You can opt-in to our private discussion forum or FaceBook community so you can explore concepts, discuss challenges and find immediate support.

Face to Face training - which can include blended learning (online) options

  • Interpersonal experience in role play and practice opportunity, particularly in how to conduct a 'check-in'
  • Role=playing the development of a Suicide Safety Plan
  • Opportunities to discuss and trouble shoot localised challenges, workgroup/task specific challenges and lethal means safety management
  • How to eliminate work specific risks and psychosocial hazards that may contribute to workplace stress


Testimonials from Leaders and Champions

  • The workshop was “interactive, and it felt like a safe space to discuss this complex topic”.
  • There were “Lots of examples, and good supporting documentation. … There was good interaction, practical guides, tools and a supportive and knowledgeable presenter"

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