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Self-Care Wheel

Self-Care Wheel

The Self Care Wheel is a model guiding action towards health, wellbeing, and self-care. It has been specifically developed to acknowledge the pressures of responding to environments and situations contributing to a person’s sense of stress and distress.

Although ‘resilience’ has become a popular term in recent times, it is often only recognised after the fact. Further, training in ‘resilience’ often locates the responsibility of stress or distress on the individual, rather than identifying and challenging system-level pressures.

How to use The Self Care Wheel: There are diverse applications for The Self Care Wheel. Use it as a simple prop to remind others of what may be important to them while delivering a talk, for a meeting or poster in the office. If you would like to extend the impact, consider pairing this with a Self Care Workbook, undertaking the Mental Vitality and Self Care training, or the Train the Trainer program, where you are able to deliver a comprehensive program in self-care.



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