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Mental Vitality & Self Care

Mental Vitality & Self Care

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100% fully on line Self Care training that revitalises your mind and gets your priorities set!



Course Information

Is this Workshop for You?

You’ve clicked on this workshop because you already know you’re stressed and need to take better care of yourself. You’re looking for the magic button that will make your workload lighter, your sleep deeper and more refreshing and hoping for the sparkle to return to your step.

Are you feeling guilty that your family don’t get the best of you? Perhaps you have a list of ‘to do’ jobs around the house that never seems to get any shorter. You might also be feeling like time with the people you care about is never long enough, and yet you feel like you don’t have much control over that.

We get it. You’re not living your life the way you want to and you are really wanting things to settle.

We know you don’t have time to do a course that is overwhelming or full of fluffy feel good quotes. We don’t have time for that either!

Although we don’t have a magic button, what we do have are some very practical strategies that can give you breathing space, manage your time and introduce the energy and vitality you want (actually – need).

The Mental Vitality and Self Care workshop offers you so many gems – we will equip you with no less than 12 practical ideas to revitalise your mind, question the pressures your face and whether there are better ways you might be able to tackle them.

So, take a little time to get to know yourself – why your sleep is so bad, why you say yes to things when you should say no – or – why you are say no when you should say yes!!

Learn at your own pace, with activities to complete in your own time, over six weeks.

Commencement dates:
Evergreen – access as you need, though course expires after 6 weeks, so ensure you are committed to your wellbeing!

Online Time commitments:
You can pick and choose which modules you take, depending on what you identify your needs to be.

Training Materials
All included

Content Inclusions

This training provides a range of supportive information and skill development exercises.

Specific focus areas :
Based on the Self Care Wheel (Betterridge, 2018)

  • Gratitude and Mindfulness
  • My Environment
  • Setting Limits
  • Asking For and Accepting Help
  • Family and Trusted Others
  • Values and Spirituality
  • Interests, Hobbies and Playfulness
  • Exercise, Sleep and Diet
  • Social Connectedness and Community

If you are working in Suicide Prevention, you may also like to upgrade to undertake the advanced modules that specifically offer strategies for managing the pressures of vicarious trauma

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