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Means and Safety Planning – Essential Brief Interventions

Safety Planning and Means Restriction – Essential Brief Interventions

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Course Information

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Regardless of whether you are a therapist working with clients to achieve long term gains in behavioural change, or emotional recovery, the benefits of brief interventions for suicide prevention are unquestioned.

This course will explore the essential components for undertaking conversations in lethal means safety, in addition to developing a therapeutically potent suicide Safety Plan.


Learn at your own pace, with activities to complete in your own time, over six weeks. Each topic lecture averages up to 20 minutes duration, so you can watch it during your lunch break.

Optional Extras
1. Consider opting in for One on One personalised support, where we will practice refining your skills in developing a Safety Plan through role-play, discussion, and reflection.
2. Alternatively, join our 2-hour live implementation session with a maximum of 16 participants. In this live session delivered via zoom, we will role-play and refine skills in undertaking means safety counselling and Safety Planning. See Commencement Dates for the next scheduled live session.


Face to Face:
Face-to-face in-service workshops are available upon request, pending Covid-19 state/territory restrictions and guidance. Workshop participation is restricted to small groups to ensure maximal learning, engagement, and practice/feedback opportunities.


Commencement dates:
TBC AEST, delivered via Zoom.


Online Time commitments:
Lecture and lesson material - up to 8 hours, plus 3 hours live implementation session (optional)


Specific focus areas include:
  • Overview of theoretical aspects aligning with brief interventions
  • Examination of how brief interventions are used in fluctuating states of suicidality
  • Evaluation of brief interventions that hold the greatest potency for de-escalating a suicidal crisis
  • How to develop an effective means and safety plan
  • The use of role-play activities for the live implementation session, to refine the capability

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100% self-paced, online, 100% self paced, online plus 2 x 90 minute live sessions (zoom)

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