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Masterclass – Working with Suicidality

Masterclass Working with Suicidality

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Face to face in-service workshops are available upon request, pending Covid-19 state/territory restrictions and guidance.

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Course Information

Is this Workshop for You?

After receiving numerous requests for advanced training, we developed this workshop for practitioners who want more than an overview of risk factors and screening tools.

This Master Class experience may confirm your existing expertise, but equally, demands greater depth of learning applied suicide specific theory. We challenge you to practice advanced interview and assessment technique through role play and review, blending theory, practice and formulation to ensure an engaging yet demanding day.

We examine two major theories of suicidal behaviour and conduct critical process assessment to risk points in a life trajectory. We will consider how best to interpret and understand all the information available to develop strong response and intervention frameworks.

This workshop is highly experiential in nature. Active engagement in role plays and group work are key to achieving learning outcomes and given this, class sizes are restricted to 16 participants.

In addition, given the experiential nature of this workshop, we ask that all participants practice strong self care and self management strategies, or reserve your place at a later time. While we are very mindful of your wellbeing, we also acknowledge that role plays and suicidality as a subject matter can be very emotionally demanding.

Face to Face:
Workshop participation is restricted to 16 participants to ensure maximal learning, engagement and practice/feedback opportunities.
Training Materials
All included
Variations and Extra Resources
On request

Follow-up or stand-alone consultation services are available. Complement your training with a professional review of your systems, procedures and environment.

Content Inclusions

Specific focus areas include:

  • Fluid Vulnerability Theory & Integrated Motivational-Volitional Theory principles
  • Role plays and group work, applying suicide specific interview techniques and theoretical principles
  • Formulating treatment and interventions to case examples
  • Application and development of a Suicide Safety Plan to a case example
  • Application and development of advanced means restriction counselling to a case example

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