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Engaging with Suicidality

Engaging with Suicidality

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This is an experiential training where role-play is a critical skills-based learning element. It is expected that participants actively participate in role-playing assessment and intervention skills as ‘clinicians”, providing & receiving reflective feedback in order to refine and master skills.

Given this is a group learning activity, there is a minimum registration number of 6 participants, and can be undertaken face-to-face or online (via 4 x 1.5 hour zoom sessions either as a full day or 4 consecutive days).

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Course Information

Is this Workshop for You?

This is a workshop for those who may know the principles of suicide assessment (including risk factors, warning signs and protective factors), but are yet to apply them in therapeutic settings or would like more practice following completion of the Foundations to Suicide Risk Assessment program. Clinicians who are looking to consolidate their knowledge of suicidality through experiential learning, will find this an engaging and empowering workshop.

This workshop provides the interpersonal skills necessary to assess suicidality in most circumstances, undertake Suicide Safety Planning, Means Restriction counselling and more. This is an excellent companion workshop to our Foundations program.

This workshop has strict maximum registration numbers of 16 participants to ensure effective practice and feedback opportunities.

Our final focus is on self-care, to help you develop strategies that will support your long term welfare and effectiveness.

Content Inclusions

This training focuses on applied skills and practice in the assessment and engagement process for clients experiencing suicidality.

Specific focus areas will be applied using role plays and group work, include:

  • Engagement, assessment and interview techniques
  • Suicide Safety Planning
  • Means Restriction Counselling
  • Collaborative management principles

Given the immersive nature of role plays and group work required in the application of principles presented herein, we emphasise the need for participants to practice self management and self care throughout the day. Although we are ever mindful of the impacts of working with suicide as a subject matter, the self care component of this training does not replace your commitment to consistent self care practice throughout the day.

Please bring your workplace / service existing suicide assessment protocol so we can ensure the techniques learned are suited to your needs.

PS: Follow-up or stand-alone consultation services are available. Complement your training with a professional review of your systems, procedures and environment.

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