Occupational Rehabilitation and Suicidality

Is this Workshop for You?

Rehabilitating injured workers involves significant dynamics and variables. Despite this, research conducted by SRAA in 2017 found that many Rehabilitation Consultants (RCs) feel ill-equipped to identify and respond to clients dealing with suicidality. If that is your situation, it might help to know that you are not alone, and that this workshop was designed specifically for you.

This workshop will provide you with effective and practical strategies to support identifying risk, communicating with others and engaging necessary support services.

Essential components include Safety Planning and making evidence based notifications to the Nominated Treating Doctor.

If you experience contextual (for example the worker is regional or remote) or professional (for example you don’t feel confident in talking about these difficulties), our face to face workshop will support you to personalise the options available to you. Our online program delivers a range of scenarios exploring common problems and potential solutions too.

We emphasise the importance of good communication and self-care when working in complex areas, particularly psychological injury and where return to work is not the core aspect of your engagement.

Date and Venue – See calendar for details or request in-house
Times – 1/2 day or 1 day (9am – 5pm, with breaks)
Catering – Please advise if you have dietary needs
CPD PTS – 4 hour or 7 hour options face to face, or self paced online
Training Materials – All included
Variations and Extra Resources – On request

Follow-up or stand-alone consultation services are available. Complement your training with a professional review of your systems, procedures and environment.

Content Inclusions

This training addresses the specific contextual needs of OR Consultants. Recognising and responding to client warning signs, evidence based documentation, collaborative peer relationships and working with insurers are all discussed. The content and delivery is specifically customised to your particular needs.

Specific focus areas include:

  • Overview statistics and trends impacting injured workers and occupational rehabilitation
  • Risk factors and warning signs for suicide
  • Evidence based documentation principles
  • Psychological tolerances and capacities in return to work situations
  • Minimising potential risk exacerbation
  • The role of OR Consultants
  • Working within an insurance (or other moderated) systems
  • Factors influencing suicidality expression, timing and severity
  • Develop collaborative relationships with other treatment providers

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