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What is evidence-based practice in suicide prevention?

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Dr Kaine Grigg, our esteemed WA consultant, will explore what it means to deliver ‘evidence-based’, and ’evidence-informed’ suicide prevention interventions. In addition, the role of collaborative intervention approaches underpinning all therapeutic encounters.  We will identify which ‘direct’ suicide therapies are preferred and why.

WSPD2020 - Webinar 1 Reading Notes & Reflection Points

Are you interested in suicide prevention research? Australia has some world renowned academics and researchers that are leading the way in so many diverse areas of suicide prevention, from treatment intervention through to the value of suicide prevention lived experience.

Explore current initiatives, grants and opportunities at:

Suicide Prevention Australia's research fund,

Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention (AISRAP), Griffith University

Black Dog Institute suicide prevention research

Everymind suicide prevention initiatives

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