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Suicide Risk & Substance Use

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Is this Workshop for You?

Do you work with clients who use alcohol or substances? Did you know that substance dependence isn’t necessarily the only consideration impacting suicide risk?

Are you confident in your knowledge of the specific risks for suicide in this client group?

If you like to know more about the neuropsychological and neurochemical actions of substances and how these relate to suicide risk, then this is an excellent workshop for you! We examine a range of substances, including alcohol, cannabis, stimulants and opiates in addition to the different neuropsychological considerations relevant to suicidality.

We translate clinically dense information into tangible and translatable strategies, offering techniques and tools to support your work.

Terrena co-delivers this training as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in AOD, together with Carmen, bringing a Psychologists’ perspective. Indeed, all disciplines have provided excellent feedback regarding the combined disciplines approach.

Learn at your own pace, with activities to complete in your own time, over six weeks. Includes two, 1 hour live Q&A sessions and one, 1 hour live hypothetical case example review session.

Face to Face:
Currently suspended until further notice
. Workshop participation is restricted to 12 participants to ensure maximal learning, engagement and practice/feedback opportunities.

Commencement dates:
Next online class commences Monday 1st February 2021 to 14th March 2021, with 4 live sessions (9am – 10am, Tuesdays – 8th and 22nd February 2021 with Carmen; and 9.30am – 10.30am, Tuesdays – 15th February and 2nd March 2021 with Terrena).

Online Time commitments:
Lecture and lesson material  8 hours, plus 4 hours live Q& A (optional) with 2 hosted by Terrena (from a Nursing based intervention perspective) and 2 hosted by Carmen (from a Psychologist based intervention perspective) – (hosted on Zoom)

Training Materials
All included

Variations and Extra Resources
In-service training can be tailored to your needs if requested (currently suspended)

Content Inclusions

This training focuses on clients who use substances, in addition to those who may have had or currently have substance dependence, while examining suicidality in this context.

Specific focus areas include:

  • Current substance use statistics and trends, and how these trends impact on each other
  • Similarities and differences between chronic versus acute suicide risk
  • Client substance use history
  • Foundations in neurochemistry underlying suicide risk and substance use
  • Specific neurochemical changes that occur with alcohol, benzodiazapines, stimulants, opiates (incl. prescribed), cannabinoids and poly-substance abuse
  • Potential risk factors of impulsivity, hopelessness and aggression
  • Interview techniques, assessment and evaluation strategies
  • Concealed suicidality or substance use
  • Critical risk points in a substance use trajectory
  • Intervention with respect to stages; Intoxication, dependence, tolerance and withdrawal
  • Challenges in working with substance use and suicidality
  • Key points for intervention


  • “It was very comprehensive and met above my expectations” and the same participant nominated the “case studies – sharing real stories” as a key strength of the training (Psychologist)
  • “Surpassed expectations – great reference materials and case materials” (Counsellor in Tertiary Education)

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