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Achieving complete mental health after suicidality

Article in Review: Baiden, P. & Fuller-Thomson, E. (2016). Factors associated with achieving complete mental health among individuals with lifetime suicidal ideation. Suicide and Life Threatening Behaviour DOI: 10.1111/sltb.12230 Summary: This article considers...

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My Euphoria Mourning

Summary: A personal reflection on the tragic loss of Chris Cornell, using the Integrated Motivational Volitional Model of suicidal behaviour (O’Connor, 2011) to explore music and lyrics expressing potential suicidality, of this incredible artist.  The following...

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Suicide and the workplace

Summary: What is the evidence on suicide occurring in the workplace? What are the contributing factors. This article is a brief exploration of the current prevalence and experience, as relevant to Australia.  It is a well-known fact that employment can contribute to a...

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Attitudes & Practice – Considering the evidence

Summary: Part 2 of two articles exploring clinicians attitudes and how they influence the therapeutic relationship. In this articles, we draw on evidence that negative attitudes towards suicidality and certain diagnoses lead to poorer clinical outcomes for clients,...

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