Amelie Nguyen

Provisional Psychologist   |   Facilitator

Amelie Nguyen is a Registered Provisional Psychologist completing a Master degree in Clinical Psychology. She has a wealth of knowledge in the assessment of suicide risk, and the risk and protective factors commonly associated with suicide and homicide followed by suicide.

Amelie’s masters thesis examined suicide and homicide-suicide based on preceding events, which helps to inform current practices in suicide risk assessment, intervention, and prevention.

She has supported SRAAs workplace mental health awareness training and Suicide Prevention for Leaders workshops, in addition to codeveloping and researching resources that have proven valuable across occupational settings, including small business and sole-trader situations.

Further, Amelie has worked in the assessment and treatment of individuals across the lifespan with a range of presentations, including anxiety, depression, psychosis, learning, and behavioural difficulties.

Amelie has facilitated therapy groups in hospital settings on anxiety and mood disorders, anger, drug and alcohol abuse, relapse prevention, and relationships.

Her passionate interest is in social psychology, particularly how individuals build a sense of meaning and self-identity through their relationships with others. 


  • AHPRA Registered Psychologist
  • Completing Master of Clinical Psychology currently
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Crisis Supporter Workplace Training


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