Welcome to Suicide Risk Assessment Australia (SRAA)

We take our work seriously and our team are assembled recognising their comprehensive knowledge, ability to translate research into practice and professionalism in delivering training and cutting edge strategies for your needs.

Suicide Risk Assessment Australia (SRAA) work with professionals and organisations where suicidality, self injury, loss and the critical impacts of mental ill-health have been identified. 

Our team are

  • Absolutely devoted to achieving your goals
  • Exceptionally qualified and current
  • Highly responsive to your questions, emerging challenges, as well as those of your clients

Our services are guided by best practice, as well as the innovative nuances that come from working with professionals and organisations who invest themselves in the care of others.

Our learning environments and materials are effective, interactive and enjoyable.

If you have a question or suggestion, I encourage you to make contact.

Personally, and as a team, we consider it a privilege to serve caring professionals and engage with organisations that invest in their workforce.

Again, a warm welcome and hope we can serve you well.

Carmen Betterridge

Director / Principal Psychologist


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