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Managers as Gatekeepers

Gatekeeper training is designed to help you direct, support and “open gates” to treatment or intervention. People in positions of management or supervision are frequently well positioned for such a role. These courses are designed to empower workplace leaders to engage effectively with staff on potentially difficult (and often referral requiring) topics as well as holding knowledge of internal referral options and external providers of support or intervention. 

This workshop can be half day or full day training depending on your need.

What is Gatekeeper Training?

Gatekeeper training for managers facilitates the development of strong skills to identify staff who may be struggling in some way. You will develop skills as a “gatekeeper” to identify, direct, support and “open gates” to treatment or intervention for your staff or colleagues. This includes information about mental health problems, behaviours in staff that might suggest they aren't themselves but with core focus paid to identify suicide risk and assist staff in accessing psychological support.

Would you like to be a Gatekeeper?

Are you a manager or supervisor who would like to know more about;

  • Recognising when someone you work with is not coping?
  • Identifying different emotional or mental health problems?
  • How to approach your staff in a supportive and appropriate way to talk about their well being?
  • Who to recommend your staff to talk to and different treatment or intervention options?


Should I do a half day or a full day training?

The half day training (4 hours) ensures core principles about identification and referral options are explored and understood

Our full day training (7.5 hours) ensures you have the ability to practice the core principles, using case examples and scenarios.


If your workplace has specific characteristics or challenges, let us know how we can tailor a package for you!

Gatekeeper workshops cover;

  • Revision of statistics and trends in mental illness in Australia
  • Identification of symptoms that suggest someone is at risk or needing support
  • Learn to identify a suicidal crisis; what are the key warning signs?
  • Discussion and practice in how to approach staff when they appear to need support
  • Learn who and where to refer staff for help, and
  • Learn when you need to become more persuasive in your actions to support others
  • Review the basic principles of "safety planning"

The full day training ensures these skills are grounded in experiential learning activities and exploration of case examples

The Gatekeeper training package includes;

  • Workbook including key approaches and strategies for engaging with staff around sensitive issues and referral options
  • Opportunity for application and practice of your learning
  • Helpful and professional trainer

** Additional resources as needed/requested

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