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Assessment, Supervision & Consultation Services

Do you need clinical psychological assessments, professional supervision services or a range of consultation services (including policy development, protocol reviews, training and more)?

If so, Carmen and the SRAA team are skilled and experienced. 



Carmen is skilled and experienced in undertaking comprehensive and evidence based clinical psychological assessments for a range of purposes and stakeholders, having done this for many years. Her written work is of exceptional quality.

Suicide Risk Assessments include evidence based, best practice assessment of suicide risk. This includes a clinical assessment with the client, interviewing others (family, friends, colleagues, treating practitioners, teachers and anyone else identified as close to the client) and psychometric testing.

Following the assessment process, Carmen completes the suicide risk formulation where the clients’ level of risk is ascertained; both chronic and acute. Appropriate recommendations are also suggested for treatment, support and referral based on the proces of risk formulation.

SRAA can also refer to other service providers should a specific type of assessment be required that is outside the scope of SRAA services.


Carmen and the SRAA team also offer professional supervision services, where clinicians have the opportunity to receive qualified and experienced supervision, specifically based on the clinicians work with their client and concerns for safety. SRAA have a number of exceptional practitioners providing supervision with a key focus on suicide risk management and treatment planning.

Supervision can take the form of face to face, Skype or telephone based services.

Supervision for clinical case managment

This is a specialist supervision service where SRAA work with Supervisee's to better understand their clients' non-suicidal self injury or suicidal behaviour.

Supervisee’s can expect consultations with our practitioners to include active reflection on; their engagement, assessment or experience with the client, the clinicians risk formulation, recommendations and anxieties, in addition to being provided with theoretical and/or research based information/readings appropriate to the circumstance.

Supervisee's will receive a brief written summary of recommendations made through the case review process.

Supervision for report writing and risk formulation

In the context of reports prepared for Court, commissions, tribunals or medico-legal matters, Carmen can review these prior to or during a session to provide constructive feedback on whether any areas could be strengthened. Such feedback may relate to the nature of the assessment, psychometric tools used, conclusions drawn or any area specifically requested by the clinician.

Carmen is also positioned to discuss the use of psychometric assessments relevant to suicide risk.

Post-suicide supervision and bereavement suport

As much as we would like to think that our work will prevent the death of a client at their own hand, we must acknowledge that this happens and has an impact on the practitioners working with them. Carmen offers support to practitioners by way of evaluating the factors impacting the client prior to their death, respectful reflection on the clinicians approach to treatment and bereavement support.



In relation to organisational policy development or revision of existing organisational protocols, Carmen can be engaged to review your existing protocols and enhance or further develop your processes to bring them in line with best practice methodology. Furthermore, if you would like Carmen to facilitate a workshop regarding suicide risk assessment with your workforce, tailored to the organisational protocols and need, please enquire further.

If you would like Carmen to audit or review completed psychological assessments (or clinical notes/case notes) to determine areas for improvement in clinical assessment, specifically regarding suicide risk, this is also a service provided. Carmen can approach such tasks with a forensic eye. In addition, Carmen can work posthumously to identify those aspects of an assessment that are exceptional, adequate or where a clinician may require further coaching or support.

If there is a service you are looking for, please ask Carmen whether we can tailor something specific for you.

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